CBD Concentrates

There seems to be a lot of confusion on what exactly CBD Concentrates are. If you haven’t had the chance to do too much research yet, then keep reading as we will be diving into this topic a bit more today.

What Is CBD Concentrate?

The term concentrate is used when describing a substance that is made by removing water, or any other agent that dilutes the substance itself.

In the case of CBD, the hemp plant is currently the more popular substance to use. High potency extracts are taken from the hemp plant. The result is an oil like matter with large levels of cannabidiol, terpenes and many other cannabinoids. With concentrates, you would receive higher levels of CBD in smaller amounts.

There are many different solvents, or dissolving agents, that can be used when extracting cannabinoids which will be further discussed later in this article. To help lessen the confusion, it should be stated that “concentrates” is a broad term generalizing CBD products on the market today.

It all comes down to the extraction method as it determines the type of concentrated result. There are lots of different types of concentrates out there already and with time I am sure more unique ones will be emerging.

What Are The Different Forms?

We will go over four very general types of concentrates. They range from different methods of consumption to different colors and even significantly varying textures.

  • Oil – one of the most popular concentrates. It uses a solvent of either butane or ethanol. The hemp plant is run through the solvent collecting the CBD. The plant is then strained and what is left is boiled until decarboxylated (removing carbon molecule with heat allowing cannabinoid receptors to bind) in order to remove the solvent leaving an oil in its place.CBD Dabs
  • Dabs – This is another very popular method of super heating your substance and inhaling its vapor. There are quite a few forms of dabs including, but not limited to the following:

1. Shatter – hard, brittle texture

2. Wax – resembles beeswax, slightly sticky

3. Crumble – similar to wax but in the form of crumb like pieces, as its name suggests

  • Hash– believe it or not you can even get CBD hash. It has the easiest extraction method of taking the essential oils of the hemp plant and compressing it into a resin brick.
  • CBD Isolate – This is a new method of refining CBD even further to create a nearly 100% pure white crystal CBD powder. This isolate powdered concentrate is gaining major popularity as well for its wide variety of consumption options. It can be made to dab, it can be an addition to any vape juice or even blended into your meals and beverages!                     CBD Isolate


CO2 Extraction

In order to retrieve a concentrate, you need a method of extraction. The process, simply put, uses pressurized carbon dioxide to pull desired chemical substances from the plant.

The CO2 is run through a chamber in its gaseous state at low temperature and pressure turning it into a liquid. This liquid is then reheated and pressurized making it super critical, having properties of both a gas and a liquid. It has the ability to expand while staying dense.

In this super critical state, the liquid CO2, acting as the solvent, is put in a chamber with the hemp plant. The temperature and pressure can be adjusted to determine which compounds will be extracted and the texture and consistency of the concentrate itself.

In The End

CBD Concentrate is a vague way of describing many different products and methods of consuming CBD. If you’re looking for a stronger and much faster way to ingest CBD, its with a concentrate.

There are obviously many different ways but it all comes down to your own personal preferences and needs. So take your time getting to know each form to see what is right for you because things can seems a bit tricky since were all still fairly new to CBD.

4 thoughts on “CBD Concentrates

  1. Finally an article that explains it simply! Thanks for sharing. I didn’t know about all these different forms. How do you know which one is best for us?

    1. Thanks Sarah, it can be confusing when you’re new to it. I think it definitely depends on the persons tolerance and what they need it for. Different forms have different strengths and aspects that target specific needs. For example, someone may need an oil or gummy for sleep promotion whereas another might need a cream for pain relief. The ailment usually dictates the best route to go.

  2. Randi Jackson

    I (have fibromyalgia and) use CBD oil in tincture form, as well as my son (autistic) and I was always a little fuzzy on the actual process by which the oil is pulled from the plant. Thank you for breaking this down for me to grasp!

    1. Hey Randi, yes the whole extraction part of the process is really confusing. It is rarely explained in a way we can understand and picture in our mind. I’m glad I could help you understand it a bit more though. I think it’s a process that is very interesting and highly underrated.

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