CBD Edibles

When you read the words CBD Edibles, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?

Whatever you were just thinking I’m sure you can make it somehow! You want to talk about creativity with cannabinoids? Edibles pretty much rank number one in that category if you ask me.

What Are CBD Edibles?

It is really very simple. Edibles are any product you can ingest that is infused with CBD oil.

Once it is eaten, it will pass through the digestive system. This process typically means it will take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours, a bit longer than usual to feel the effects.

Even so, it gives a lot of room for experimenting with the many different ways to incorporate CBD into our daily lives.

Capsules and Pills

This method is great for those of you who aren’t too crazy about the taste of CBD oil or who aren’t bothered with putting it in your food.

It is a straightforward yet discreet way to take it that can be made to fit into any routine like a vitamin or supplement.

It has more of a sustained release type of approach so its easier to dose.

This method has shown to improve focus and promote recovery from muscle strain and inflammation. It can also help manage stress as needed throughout the day.
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This is where things start to get a little wild.

There are plenty of cooking products already on the market for sale today specifically featuring CBD its mind blowing.

I’ve seen CBD protein bars, hemp bars, cookies, chips, popcorn..you name it and its made. And those are only just your pre-made store bought product.

With a little kitchen confidence and access to some CBD oils, powders or other concentrates, it is possible to make just about anything your heart desires.


A lot of companies are taking a shot at creating drinks with cannabinoids in them. This is a method that requires a bit of science to understand and master.

The catch is that CBD does not blend with water. You need another substance to help dissolve it while still being edible and not ruining the flavor.

This leaves you with only so much room for creativity in drink making as any water based drinks are usually disqualified however there have been certain drinks that have become a success.

I have found everything from teas and coffee to sparkling water and Kombucha. Personally I have had the chance to try some popular CBD sodas thanks to the local pizza shop in town getting spontaneous.

I hear they even have a CBD non-alcoholic wine as well. Ask anyone who knows me well they would say that sounds like something I would drink. If you enjoy your wine and your cannabidiol then why not mix them right?

I may have to try that one day soon and let you know how it is.

Put it on everything

The whole entire concept of infusing my food and drinks and literally making anything I want with CBD is very intriguing to me.

I can’t wait to experiment with recipes and I hope you come up with plenty of your own awesome munchies to make.

If you happen to try any of these interesting edibles I’ve mentioned than by all means, please let me know in the comments how your experience with them was. I’d love to hear from you!

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