CBD Tincture vs. CBD Oil – Are They The Same Thing?

One of the most confusing differences in CBD consumption would be tinctures and oils. If you were to ask most people today, they would tell you that they are the same thing. But they are actually pretty different.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD Oil is pretty popular these days and I’m sure you’ve heard of it by now. The answer is in the name.

It is called CBD Oil because its in an oil base. It is basically CBD, straight from the hemp plant, in its purest form mixed with a “carrier” oil. No other additives.

It is a basic formula, but one thing most people don’t realize about CBD is its naturally strong taste. Because of the simplicity of CBD oil, it can be overwhelming when taken orally.

What is CBD Tincture?

This is mostly just another method of ingesting CBD without the strong taste or smell that comes along.

Tinctures are made from hemp plants that contain high amounts of CBD. However, they rid CBD of its taste mainly because tinctures are alcohol based.

Tinctures are also mixed with other ingredients like essential oils, herbs and artificial flavoring so it can be pleasant taken orally if chosen.

CBD Oil Heart and CBD Tincture

How Are They Used?

One of the most widely used method of ingesting CBD oils today would be vaping with e-pens. It avoids the taste of the CBD itself.

It is not always great to mix with food because it can affect the taste of the meal or the properties of the CBD.

You could put it under your tongue if you wanted, or enjoyed the taste but not everyone is a fan of that. It seems to be an acquired taste.

Tinctures, on the other hand, are great with food or under the tongue. The alcohol base blends in a way that its tolerable.

Unfortunately, the only other difference is that tinctures can NOT be vaped or smoked in way because of their alcohol base.

Decision Making: Which is Best For You?

It is all up to the person and their preferences. Not everyone is into vaping but if you happen to be okay with it than CBD Oil would be good for you.

If you’re into baking with CBD or want something with flavor to mask the taste than tinctures would be more for you.

It can even depend on the occasion and company. Go with what works for you.
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The Verdict

So now we know, CBD oils and CBD tinctures are two totally different things.

Generally, it revolves around the same product but differs only with ingredients and method of consumption. Tinctures are basically made as another outlet of ingestion.

If you’re relaxing alone at home and are experienced with, or prefer, the vape than CBD oil probably is your go-to.

If you’re making dinner and want to add a nice finishing touch than maybe try a tincture that will complement the meal. You can always put a few drops under your tongue to cleanse and refresh the palate once finished.

Whichever you choose, at least now you might have a better idea what each one of these awesome CBD products is for and when its best to use either of them.

4 thoughts on “CBD Tincture vs. CBD Oil – Are They The Same Thing?

  1. Cathy

    I think I’ll go with the oil. I thought there was a separate form that was used for vaping. I’m no expert, obviously. Tinctures are new to me. Thank you for the introduction, and for clarifying the taste strengths.

    1. Sabrina

      I like the oil as well. Tinctures can’t be vaped, so if you prefer that than oil is the best choice. It can be a bit hard to decipher the two but Im glad to help.

  2. I have a few friends who have made the switch to Vaping and I’ll be sure to bookmark this so I can send it too them for learning purposes 🙂 Definitely a healthier alternative to the cancer sticks they where on before, what a great piece, I enjoyed reading it thoroughly !

  3. Sabrina

    I agree with you there. Much healthier option! Thanks, Im glad you enjoyed it and hopefully your friends will find it helpful.

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