Chronic Back Pain Management – Do It Naturally With CBD

What is chronic back pain?.

The definition of chronic back pain is any physical discomfort, ranging from mild to severe, anywhere on the back or spine. The are causes of back pain that are simple, like working out, prolonged immobility, sleeping wrong or carrying heavy items. There are other more concerning health conditions that cause back pain but no matter the cause, back pain is no joke. It can seriously debilitate you or disrupt your daily activities.

Current Treatments – Is There An Alternative?

There are an exponential amount of over the counter (OTC) or prescription medication for chronic back pain and these are widely used across the country. There are some problems with these treatments though.

The massive number of side effects associated with these medications are becoming a norm for every day Americans around the world while also seemingly becoming their own category of health problems.

Another nuisance is the out-of-pocket costs that eat away at your hard-earned savings because health insurance can only cover so much. Unfortunately there are times when people simply just can not afford the co-payment and to top it off there’s the ever dreaded chance it isn’t covered at all.

There has to be some kind of simpler way to ease your pain without the “headache”. CBD is it.

How Does The Body Benefit From CBD?

CBD is one of the many compounds called cannabinoids. We have receptors in the brain that pick up on these compounds. It than pairs with our Endocannabinoid System (ECS). This system regulates our immune system, sleep and pain.

The benefits of CBD for pain are as follows:

  1. reduces inflammation
  2. decreases sleep disruption associated with chronic pain
  3. eases constant discomfort from Multiple Sclerosis.

CBD can also promote sleep by reducing insomnia as well as help seizures. It has been known to help treat anxiety and increase appetite. It can even help you in quitting smoking and the withdrawal process.

CBD Treatments

There are many ways to take CBD. Some are used more than others but as CBD gets more and more popular that list will likely grow. For now, we have:

  • Tinctures – extracts of either alcohol, oil, or vegetable glycerin. You can take them under the tongue or with your food or beverage in small doses throughout the day.
  • Edibles – has the highest variety for consumption. It’s absorbed through the digestive system so it had a longer onset with a longer effect.
  • Inhalation – has the fastest onset time because it’s going through the lungs but wears off quickly. There are many options like oils, dry flowers and concentrates which have many more options themselves.
  • Topical – fast relief from absorbing through skin. It has many options such as lotions, gel, oils and cream. This is a big help for muscle/joint pain and inflammation.
  • Transdermal Patch – medicated adhesive patch also absorbed through skin. It is best used for long term pain management because of the consistent all day doses.

                                         CBD Oil Tincture for Anxiety

Side Effects – Are There Any?

Of course with any new solution to medical issues there comes the question..what are the side effects? We’ve heard about the pros what are the cons? Well really there any no major side effects.

Some could look at sleep promotion as a side effect for feeling tired or your increase in appetite may pose as a problem for you in terms of weight gain. That’s understandable but as they say everything in moderation and with proper care you can avoid any issues by taking it at times when you can relax like right before bed.

If you do feel an increase in your appetite and you do not want to gain any excess weight it’s always a good idea to keep some healthy snacks around to munch on when the urge arises.

Yes everyone has a different reaction to what on the medical market but CBD is all natural and binds with our chemical DNA like peanut butter and jelly. So with that being said it is my opinion that any perceived side effects of CBD are, in essence, just some of its benefits. Sleep promotion does wonders for people suffering from insomnia, and an increase of appetite can really change the lives of those struggling with anorexia or loss of appetite due to other factors.

The best thing about CBD that pretty much eliminates any worry of side effects is the fact that there are so many options when it comes to consuming it that there are lots of ways to get around any specific concerns of its interaction with your system.

Why Not Go Natural!

If you’re experiencing chronic back pain or really any kind of discomforting ailment and you want a more natural way to go than CBD will really give you the results you are looking for. If you’ve given most other over the counter medications or expensive prescriptions a try than it definitely would not hurt to know there are so many other amazing options out there.

With minimal side effects, plenty of selection for treatment and multiple benefits you really can’t go with this stuff. You can put your mind to rest knowing you’re taking some your body is familiar with and meant to receive because of our Endocannabinoid System.

It’s just makes sense when you think about it..this is really one of natures little gifts just waiting for everyone to open.

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  1. Thanks Sabrina for a very informative article on CBD and it’s use for back pain. What form of CBD oil would you recommend for lower back pain? I have occasional back pain and I might CBD to see how good it works. Let me know. Thanks and I’m sorry I’m so late in commenting.

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